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TA-Technix480C Kolben-Kompressor Luftfilter Montage 12 Volt verchromt

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The Hope of Jireh Education Fund (HOJEF), is a non government organization charity that was founded in 2003 by Ruth Namukasa. Having grown up within a poor family, Ruth’s social welfare and education were facilitated or funded by people. 

Empowerment of children, youths and vulnerable members of communities, using the tool of education and training in the multidimensional development sectors, provision of health services, development finance through microfinance.

We are a grass-roots Ugandan NGO working for the empowerment of children in Uganda. We believe that children are not at school by choice, but because they live in poverty together with their families with out any other alternative.

Our Children Service Department

Our children service department comprises of the following teams;

Our Programs.

Child Education
Helping Families
Income Generating Activities (IGA)
Counselling Services
Training and Entrepreneurship
Construction and Carpentry.

TA-Technix480C Kolben-Kompressor Luftfilter Montage 12 Volt verchromt

TA-Technix"480C" Kolben-Kompressor + Luftfilter Montage 12 Volt verchromt,TA Technix, Auto & Motorrad, Ersatz-, Tuning- & Verschleißteile, Fahrwerkskomponenten, Tieferlegungssets

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